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Producer, remixer, DJ and acknowledged sound engineer, Rossko is one of the biggest “hardworkers” in Bulgarian music scene. He’s been a DJ since 1991 and became one of the favourite club names in the country, playing in almost every club in Bulgaria. In 1997 he also started producing music and scoring big top 10 hits behind the name R.S.T.  Some of those singles are “Without you”, “Do you want, come”, “How is it nice”. The success of his own project was followed by a huge number of remixes that he did for popular Bulgarian singers and groups. He delivers a modern European sound and a totally different vibe to the original versions of the songs he has been remixing. In 2008 his remixing skills were officially and internationally acknowledged by Danny Tenaglia. Rossko took the second place prize for his “Music Is The Answer” remix, in a competiotion with 750 producers and remixers. 

In 1998, together with DJ Dian (aka Dian Solo) he started one of the most successful Bulgarian dance/house projects – Deep Zone. More than 40 singles followed, more of them becoming big hits in the country and defining the new sound of the Bulgarian electronic music. Starting as a “two-dj” underground project, now Deep Zone are one of the biggest names in Bulgaria, they have also won the Bulgarian Eurovision Song Contest 2008, and their latest singles “DJ, Take Me Away” and “Let The Music Move Ya” were relased worldwide. 

Rossko's personal signature, in terms of uniquely modern sound design, is expressed at its best precisely in Deep Zone Project's work. In the autumn of 2008, each of the members of Deep Zone Project starts their own individual projects within the group. Once again, the responsibility for the modern and quality sound of the projects is laid upon Rossko’s shoulders. 

One thing is certain though- the bar has been raised, and there are still a lot of new challenges to be faced and conquered.


Продуцент, ремиксатор и DJ, Rossko е едно от най-креативните имена на българската музикална сцена. Занимава се с грамофоните от 1991 г. насам и до момента е бил гост в  почти всеки по-голям клуб в страната. През 1997 г. започва също така да продуцира музика, като създава големи ъндърграунд клубни хитове под името R.S.T. Скоро всички в сцената говорят за Rossko и той се превръща в един от най-търсените български ремиксатори. През 2008 г. ремиксаторските му умения бяха признати и от самия Дани Теналия, който го постави на второ място в своя конкурс за преработка на хаус класиката Music Is The Answer. Само за статистиката – в състезанието участваха повече от 750 продуценти и ремиксатори от цял свят!

През 1998 г. се запознава с DJ Dian Solo и скоро двамата поставят основите на най-успешния денс/хаус проект в България – Deep Zone Project. Заедно с тях той има над 20 топ 10 хита, четири национални турнета, множество международни участия и успехи.

Личният уникален почерк на Rossko може да бъде усетен перфектно в стила на Deep Zone. Скоро Rossko ще издаде и своя солов сингъл, озаглавен I Remember.